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Follow our simple kitchen design ideas to help transform your existing kitchen, or create a dream kitchen that's both beautiful and practical. 

If you are set on an entirely new kitchen, think about the layout and how you use your current space. Ask yourself these questions:

How do you move around your kitchen? Elements that you often use at the same time, such as the fridge and cooking station, should be close together so that you don't keep walking around in circles.

Where do you prepare food? Next to the hob and oven? This will determine where you will put the majority of your worktop space.

How much storage do you use? Think about whether you need more than you currently have and what you need to store. Do you prefer open shelving or big, deep cupboards?

Who will you be entertaining in your kitchen? Do you use it for dinner parties, or often chat to your family while you cook? You may want space for a table or a breakfast bar where people can sit and talk to you while you work.

Where do you want to keep the utensils and dinnerware that you use most? Do you have a lot of gadgets? If so, do you want them to be on display for easy access or stored away out of sight?

What large appliances do you want, and will there be room for them? For example, an American-style fridge freezer will take up a lot more space than a traditional fridge.

How we can help?

Once we take a brief from you we can help you with design and concept and introduce to a wealth of network of kitchen companies or carpenters who create bespoke wooden kitchen. Once a design is created and price is agreed we will ensure the kitchen is fitted on time and within budget, if you not in Mallorca, we can send you weekly updates or live stream the progress. 

Please do not hesitate in contacting us. 

All the kitchens below we have helped the owners source, please click on the images to see more information. 

A kitchen island can house extra storage, be another work surface & a breakfast bar

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